Bar Vision

The path forward begins with an idea, a conversation, a vision.  Here too the path forward for an updated and remodeled lodge bar and lounge begins with ideas, concepts, and creating the vision.  As Longmont Lodge 1055 members we want a place to meet with friends, socialize with family and other lodge members, while enjoying conversation, food, snacks, and of course cocktails and drinks.

The Bar and Lounge Committee would like your input as to what your vision is for an updated facility.   This vision board represents ideas and concepts of what our bar and lounge could look like.   Please know the pictures are representative of the furniture and bar concepts.  We know we cannot add widows and some other features with-in the pictures.   Many of the pictures on this board are from other Elks Lodges across the country.

The list of needed improvements for our Lodge 1055 include:

Bar cooler and refrigeration upgrades.

Carpet removal and floor covering replacement.

Improved and updated bar fixtures including: sinks, seating, and tables along with a fresh coat of paint and new games.

The Lodge Leadership wants your input, feedback, support, and participation as we work to improve our surroundings for todays members and all future members of our Lodge.

Respectfully your Longmont Lodge 1055 Leadership Team.

Bar Vision