Parking Lot Changes Effective August 1st

Effective August 1st we are officially kicking off our new parking lot initiative. The last 2 rows containing 25 spaces will be available for the public to park in for a fee through ParkMobile. The row along the wall of our building is still reserved for Elks only.

All Elks members/associates/spouses can still park for free in any of the 3 rows. As long as you have an Elks sticker on your vehicle, you will not be towed. Anyone that does not have an Elks sticker or has not paid the ParkMobile fee is at risk of towing by Northside. We will have a ParkMobile sign in the lot and will delineate the rentable spaces with a green ParkMobile Stencil.

If you do not have an Elks parking sticker, stop into the bar ASAP and grab one. We are really hoping that we can generate additional income from the endeavor and it will benefit our lodge greatly. Parking downtown is becoming more sparse and we’ve seen an opportunity to put our assets to work. Lastly, we still own and control all 3 rows.